Practical Japanese communication skills

A program to study Japanese language which builds better working relationships more quickly between expatriates and Japanese staff based on a deeper understanding of Japanese behavioral patterns and cultural background.

Lesson at Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Custom-made program

Lessons are based on instructional methods selected in accordance with the students individual learning styles and personality.

Cross-cultural Communication

The mastery of a foreign language is more than just the acquisition of vocabulary and grammar. It also requires knowledge of the differences between one's own culture and the foreign country's culture, customs, expressions, and other unique features. In order to more deeply understand the Japanese language, International Language Services incorporates a "cross-cultural communication" session into all of its courses. By knowing the distinctive ways of thinking, the behavior, and expressions of the Japanese people, cross-cultural misunderstandings will be reduced and an accurate understanding of the Japanese language, people, and country itself will be gained.

Whether you are a student, business person or company, there is aneed to understand Japan’s uniqueness and corporate culture. We believe in the philosophy of getting to know the people first, business second. ILS provides an integration of practical lessons using authentic materials such as online articles, business news, corporate websites, and scripts of Kabuki, Japanese cartoons or movies. We customize each lesson content based on student needs.

For example:
> preparation for presentation, job interviews, sales talk, etc.

> practice role play of sales call and visit

> learn industry specific technical terms (ex. finance, real estate, international relations, medical care, etc.)

> experience Japanese culture (calligraphy, cooking, etc.)

Original materials

After every lesson, teachers provide vocabulary and grammar sheets, summarizing what the student studied during the lesson. The student can then review these after the lesson and use them as flashcards, using smartphone applications.

Team teaching

Our school recommends the paired-instructors teaching system because of the following benefits:

> Combine instructors' talents to provide comprehensive instruction.
> Variety of listening and speaking practices.
> More flexibility, if students need to change their lesson time.
At the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands.


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