Intro Japanese language and cultural lessons

Feature #1: Practical conversational Japanese

International Language Services (ILS) offers Japanese language and cultural lessons to foreign employees and their families.ILS has been an integral support for language students working for foreign companies, embassies, and Japanese corporations in Japan.

The primary focus for most people who first come to Japan to live and work is to learn the language.Equally important as learning the language, is the understanding of Japanese culture and customs, as well as business practices and corporate culture.

Knowing the unique way of thinking, behavior, and expression of the Japanese, reduces cross-cultural misunderstandings. It also helps you to understand more deeply about the language, people, and Japan as a country.

Examples of cross-cultural communication topics:

  • Why don't Japanese people look the other person in the eye when talking?
  • Why the nail that sticks out gets hammered down in Japan?
  • Why do Japanese companies take so long to make decisions?
  • Why do Japanese people discriminate against women?

ILS has more than 25 years of experience in providing customized services and lessons to meet the needs, skill level, and budget of each client.We welcome individuals of all ages, families and businesses.It would be our pleasure to meet with you to discuss how we can work together during your stay in Japan or abroad.

Feature#2:Learn about Japanese culture and history

Much of Japan is engrained in tradition. It helps to understand the culture and history of Japan and its people. As you have a deeper insight into the culture, you begin to see the relationship of history to the current day customs.

We can help you to understand the Japanese people better; the way they think, speak and act. International Language Services (ILS) has the experience and skills to help you to navigate and distinguish between honne and tatemae in Japan. Honne is one’s true feelings; tatemae is the way of behaving and interacting in public. Understanding the difference can be difficult. ILS can help you to assess the situation and read between the lines to avoid miscommunication.  Honne and tatemae are prominent in Japanese communication and everyday life.

There are many unique characteristics to every culture and country. Japan is no different.  If you are going to live and work in Japan, we can help you to make your time here more enjoyable through Japanese language education and cultural integration.

What are your greatest challenges in doing business in Japan? Let us know how we can help you to overcome these.

Feature #3: Customized programs

International Language School (ILS) specializes in customized programs based on your specific needs and objectives.

We believe, based on the success of our clients, that the most important aspect of Japanese Lessons for Business is the clarification of needs and objectives. Learning the Japanese language and culture can vary from person to person.

We will help you to clarify the following:

  1. The main reasons why you want to learn Japanese.
  2. How you would like to integrate Japanese language in your life.
  3. How fast would you like to learn?
  4. We help you to determine what skills, conversation or writing, are most important to you at the moment.

After our initial consultation to gather the necessary information based on your objectives, needs and time, ILS will propose a suggested learning course. This program is customized for you, your business or both. We will also provide you with homework assignments in each lesson that summarize areas to focus on.
You will be provided with an excel spread sheet with all the words you learned in the lesson. We help you load that file into our flashcard smartphone application so that you can review the vocabulary during travel or in your spare time.

We believe that one of the most important aspects of learning Japanese is having fun throughout the process. We continually strive to be creative in our approach to learning and to incorporate the cultural integration of the subject matter being discussed as well.  

Lesson Learning Options

In Japan:

In person lessons are availible within the 23 wards of Tokyo.
Additional fees may apply for other locations outside of Tokyo. 

In Japan and Overseas:

We offer online lessons via Zoom

* For those who are far away - distant learning.
* Those who may want to study from overseas before visiting Japan. 
* For those who may want to take lessons while traveling or on a business trip. 
* Lessons can be taken from wherever you are for flexibility and freedom. 

Also, if you are in Japan and you have time contraints, online lessons have proven to be very effective and time efficient.

Our Specialty:

We understand that your time is valuable and that you may want to integrate Japanese lessons with your work schedule. International Language School (ILS) will work with your schedule and at the learning pace that is comfortable for you. ILS believes that the student will learn faster and more when there is no pressure and when the learner is relaxed and enjoys their time learning. We strive to do our best to create this for you. This is where we differ from many other learning school philosophies. 

Lesson Fees

Private lesson 60 minutes 7,500 JPY
Semi-Private Lesson (number of students: 2) 60 minutes 6,000 JPY / person
Group Lesson (number of students: 3) 60 minutes 5,000 JPY / person

*75 or 90 minutes lessons are also possible upon request.
*The above fees do not include consumption tax, transportation expense, and material fees.

Free Trial lesson

If you’re interested in private online Japanese lessons, try a complimentary lesson. You can discuss what you want to focus on during your online lessons, and then get a sample of your teacher’s lesson content and style.
* Please have a look at this brochure. こちらのパンフレットもご参照ください。
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