Student Testimonials

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherland

Learning Japanese with the help of International Language Service has been a great experience for us.
For non-Japanese speakers, ILS offers personalized teaching that takes into account the goals and skills of individual students. ILS understands the complexities of Japanese for foreign students and teaches grammar and vocabulary with exemplary patience and understanding.
Moreover, students gain valuable insights into many aspects of Japanese culture, which makes ILS language training so much more enjoyable.
Our teacher, Ms. Sugino, has a wonderful sense of humor and a positive attitude that encourages students and helps build their confidence thereby improving their linguistic results.

We can certainly recommend International Language Service to anyone wanting to learn Japanese. 

(Ambassador and his wife)

Joan and Peter vander Vliet

Major Advertising Agency

As the type of the learner who responds to positive coaching and hands on learnings, my lesson is one of the highlights of my week!
Whether I have been a great student with time to study or not, each lesson I walk away with a sense of inspiration and energy to try my new learnings and observe new details about the Japanese culture. The environment is tailored to the individual level and needs—not to mention personal interests.

Starting from very beginning was daunting, but in about 6 months with just a one hour private lessons a week, now I can read many menus, signs, children’s books and engage in conversation about various activities at work and in personal life.

Colleagues are always thrilled when I am able to engage in a new aspect of conversation and noted how my vocabulary has grown quickly and often remark my pronunciation is quite strong for a native English speaker new to the language. As a busy professional, my time and desire to learn is often at odds with a demanding work schedule, yet every week I’m amazed at how patient and excited my teacher is to guide me through the journey of learning her language.

ILS definitely offers high quality education for busy yet eager learners! 

(American female)

International Real estate company

I have been taking Japanese lessons from Tomoko Sugino for the last two years. She is more than simply a language instructor who teaches grammer.

Ms. Sugino has helped me to dig deep into the minds of how Japanese people think and behave. As a result of the ongoing sessions, my business negotiation skills have improved drastically.

I would recommend ILS to anyone who is serious about learning Japanese, without any reservations.

(Canadian female managing director)

Global Recruiting Company

My colleagues and I have been taking Japanese lessons from ILS for the past two years.
Tomoko-san's infinite patience, enthusiasm and uncanny ability to pitch each lesson according to the needs and abilities each student really accelerated our learning.Her deep cultural knowledge provided important context for much of what we learned and gave us great insights into life in Japan, while her sense of humor and empathy for the struggles that a new language student can face made the sessions a highlight of our working week.

I have no doubt that Tomoko-san's lessons have significantly enriched and enhanced our experiences of this wonderful country and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her services. (Australian male IT Development Manager) 

Japanese Main Cosmetic Company

I have been studying with ILS teacher for over a year now, I realized that my speaking and reading level has constantly improved.On top of that I also could understand more about Japanese culture and way for thinking.

I was able to integrate the learning of each lessons into my business and personal life.I’m very grateful to my teacher for that, she is very patient and managed to adapt to my learning style and pace successfully.

I’m looking forward to my weekly lessons with great excitement. Strongly recommend.

(French male Data Strategy Manager)

Shiseido Group

My teacher has been an amazing teacher. She has helped me tremendously in improving my Japanese skills over the past one year.

I especially appreciate her flexibility in customizing lessons according to my needs and her stories and tips to boost recall of grammar and vocabulary. I strongly recommend anyone at any level to schedule a lesson with my teacher.

The lesson would be sure to be both enjoyable, informative and structured.

(Singaporean female, Senior Marketing Manager)

Global Insurance Company

After taking Japanese lessons from another firm when I initially came to Japan , I felt like I wasn't learning, so I switch to ILS working with Sugino-san.

The experience was completely different and I felt like I was able to learn so much more in a shorter time period! The approach she used was much more logical.

When I asked the question 'why?' - I was always given an answer, which greatly helped in my learning experience. I would highly recommend ILS for those wanting to learn basic Japanese.

(American female director)

Global Securities Company

I have stayed with ILS for the last four years and recommend my teachers to my friends and colleagues.

My teachers have become a part of my life in Japan by providing me with inexhaustible perspective about the Japanese language and daily life in general.

My studies have grounded me and helped me to find meaning in a world I continually struggle to understand.

(American male Ph.D. director)

Global IT Company

I found that the flexible approach of ILS very helpful whilst I was learning Japanese.
My teachers were all excellent and having the different approaches maintained my engagement and desire to learn.
The materials were appropriate and helpful and when I wanted to take the Level 4 exam, the team changed pace to support me and I passed first time!

I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn Japanese both for professional and personal use.

(British female HR Director)

Global Financial Company

ILS provides the best 1-1 Japanese learning experience in Tokyo with very experienced teachers who are extremely patient and willing to work with the student on tailoring the lessons to suit the students needs.

I have been a student for 10 years and have learned enormously through ILS and highly recommend to anyone who want to learn Japanese in their own pace.

(Nepalese male managing director)

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