Translation Service

Translation service

ILS offers translation services for various work, ranging from simple emails, presentation materials, newspaper and magazine articles, sales materials & pamphlets, homepages, catalogues, to private correspondence (with total confidentiality).


Our team can handle a variety of fields, including medicines, legal, contractual, mechanical, IT, semiconductor-related, data communications, financial sector, chemical industry, etc.


Our services pairs a native Japanese who have high skills in the Japanese language, with native British & Americans who have high skills in the English language. This way, we can offer translations which are faithful to the original texts, yet are also skillfully phrased and understandable in the translated text.


We value the importance of each client’s communications, so we will listen to any detailed needs and proceed with the translations accordingly. Thus, our team of professionals not only translates the words accurately, but also does so in a way that carefully incorporates the intended nuances.

Translation fee schedule:

English - Japanese (units: one word)JPY 30 ~

* In case of small volume orders, the schedule above will still apply.
* Consumption tax is separate, and will added onto the invoice.
* Please pay by bank transfer of funds by the payment deadline indicated in the invoice to be sent to you.

* Please have a look at this brochure. こちらのパンフレットもご参照ください。
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