Japanese Business Language and Coaching

Learn Business Skills

You can learn business skills recognized by Japanese companies.

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ as the saying goes.
In Japan, do as the Japanese do.

Different countries have different business protocols and customs. If your goal is to do business in Japan, you may need to adapt to the Japanese business style to some extent. The way you interact with the owners, managers, colleagues and teams in business and the way you present yourself may be completely different from those in your home country.

Learning Japanese is a great step to get started in integrating into Japan’s business world but there are many other aspects to be aware of in creating successful long-term relationships.

As with many cultures, building trust with people is important. In Japan, trust is the cornerstone and foundation of building successful mutually beneficial relationships. We believe that cross-cultural business recognizes the different customs, ways of thinking, morals, and values. With this in mind, we integrate the following with the recipient in mind.

  • How to create presentation materials that are easily accepted by Japanese businesses.
  • Proper etiquette that is customary in Japan business and relationships.
  • What to keep in mind when dining at a business function or private event.
  • Understanding characteristics that are unique to Japanese people and the meaning behind them.
  • How to write an email that will have more chances of getting a favorable response when negotiating.
  • How to make a phone call for an appointment. (In some cases, we make the phone call on behalf of the client as an introduction or to make an appointment.)

We customize our coaching and counseling programs specific to the individual and business needs. We can also work with you to prepare materials for a presentation, role play conversations before a business meeting or speech.

International Language Services (ILS) has over 25 years of business translation and cultural integration experience. We understand that with every business, there may unique needs specific to your industry. Please let us know how we can support you and your business.

Advanced Lesson Insights

Business conversation
One of the most important things that we will teach you in these online lessons, is the understanding of the Japanese corporate culture.

We combine the culture, the language, communication and negotiation to give you a comprehensive approach to doing business in Japan.

 Whether you are a student, business person or company, there is aneed to understand Japan’s uniqueness and corporate culture. We believe in the philosophy of getting to know the people first, business second. ILS provides an integration of practical lessons using authentic materials such as online articles, business news, corporate websites, and scripts of Kabuki, Japanese cartoons or movies. We customize each lesson content based on student needs.

For example:
  • Preparation for presentation, job interviews, sales talk, speech, etc.
  • Practice role play of sales call and visit
  • learn industry specific technical terms (ex. finance, real estate, international relations, medical care, etc.)
  • get to know about Japanese customs, traditions and manners
  • experience Japanese culture (calligraphy, cooking, etc.)

Lesson Learning Options

In Japan:

In person lessons are availible within the 23 wards of Tokyo.
Additional fees may apply for other locations outside of Tokyo. 

In Japan and Overseas:

We offer online lessons via Zoom

* For those who are far away - distant learning.
* Those who may want to study from overseas before visiting Japan. 
* For those who may want to take lessons while traveling or on a business trip. 
* Lessons can be taken from wherever you are for flexibility and freedom. 

Also, if you are in Japan and you have time contraints, online lessons have proven to be very effective and time efficient.

Our Specialty:

We understand that your time is valuable and that you may want to integrate Japanese lessons with your work schedule. International Language School (ILS) will work with your schedule and at the learning pace that is comfortable for you. ILS believes that the student will learn faster and more when there is no pressure and when the learner is relaxed and enjoys their time learning. We strive to do our best to create this for you. This is where we differ from many other learning school philosophies. 

Lesson Fees

Private 60minutes 10,000 JPY

*75 or 90 minutes lessons are also possible upon request.
*The above fees do not include consumption tax, transportation expense, and material fees.
* Please have a look at this brochure. こちらのパンフレットもご参照ください。
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