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Cross-cultural Communication

The mastery of a foreign language is more than just the acquisition of vocabulary and grammar. It also requires knowledge of the differences between one's own culture and the foreign country's culture, customs, expressions, and other unique features. In order to more deeply understand the Japanese language, International Language Services incorporates a "cross-cultural communication" session into all of its courses. By knowing the distinctive ways of thinking, the behavior, and expressions of the Japanese people, cross-cultural misunderstandings will be reduced and an accurate understanding of the Japanese language, people, and country itself will be gained.

Online web lesson

Online lessons are ideal for those who... 
> Live outside of Tokyo, or live overseas. 
> Travel a lot and cannot have lessons regularly. 
> Want to continue lessons after returning to
    their home countries. 
> Want to take lessons during long vacations,
    business trips, or extended overseas stays.  
Before every lesson, teachers send grammar sheets and study materials to the student.  The student can then prepare for what will be studied in the lesson. 
After the lesson, teachers provide vocabulary sheets for the review of what was studied in the lesson.

Original materials

After every lesson, teachers provide vocabulary and grammar sheets, summarizing what the student studied during the lesson. The student can then review these after the lesson and use them as flashcards, using smartphone applications.

Team teaching

Our school recommends the paired-instructors teaching system because of the following benefits:

Combine instructors' talents to provide comprehensive instruction.
Variety of listening and speaking practices.
More flexibility, if students need to change their lesson time.

* Please have a look at this brochure. こちらのパンフレットもご参照ください。
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