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Learn Japanese online

Online private lessons at International Language Services are fully customized to your needs and goals. You will learn Japanese online as quickly and efficiently as possible at your own pace. It’s the best way to study Japanese for those who don’t have a Japanese school nearby or who don’t have time to go to a school.

Ideal for those who. . .

> Want to study Japanese regularly at home.

> Requires Japanese skills at work.

> Need basic Japanese communication skills for daily life and working in Japan.

> Prepare to move in Japan

> Want to work in Japan or in a Japanese company operating abroad

> Want to learn from a native Japanese teacher

> Maintain one's child’s bative Japanese language after moving abroad

> Prepare for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

Well-experienced professional Japanese teacher

All of our Japanese instructors have expert knowledge and extensive experience in teaching Japanese language and Japanese culture. Lessons incorporate current events and information about Japan, giving students a better knowledge of Japanese culture as they learn the language.

Before every lesson, teachers send grammar sheets and study materials to the student. The student can then prepare for what will be studied in the lesson.

After the lesson, teachers provide vocabulary sheets for the review of what was studied in the lesson.

See  Instructors for details.


For any level
from Beginner to Advanced

> Daily conversation
You can learn basic greetings, useful phrases and expressions to interact with local people. These are helpful when you go to a restaurant, go for shopping, or for taking public transportation.

> Preparation for the Japanese Proficiency Test
Any level from N1 through N5 is available. Our lessons motivate you to study hard for the test. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that appear on the test.
> Business conversation
One of the most important things that we will teach you in these online lessons, is the understanding of the Japanese corporate culture.

We combine the culture, the language, communication and negotiation to give you a comprehensive approach to doing business in Japan.

 Whether you are a student, business person or company, there is aneed to understand Japan’s uniqueness and corporate culture. We believe in the philosophy of getting to know the people first, business second. ILS provides an integration of practical lessons using authentic materials such as online articles, business news, corporate websites, and scripts of Kabuki, Japanese cartoons or movies. We customize each lesson content based on student needs.

For example:
> preparation for presentation, job interviews, sales talk, speech, etc.

> practice role play of sales call and visit

> learn industry specific technical terms (ex. finance, real estate, international relations, medical care, etc.)

> get to know about Japanese customs, traditions and manners

> experience Japanese culture (calligraphy, cooking, etc.)

Day & Time

Please let us know your desired day and time. We can offer private lessons that will fit your schedule.

Free Trial lesson

If you’re interested in private online Japanese lessons, try a complimentary lesson. You can discuss what you want to focus on during your online lessons, and then get a sample of your teacher’s lesson content and style.


>Online lesson special package  

25,000 JPY per month

* The fee does not include consumption tax.
* Each lesson is 60-minute long.
* You can take four lessons every month.
* If you don't use up four lessons, you can carry them over to only the next month. 

*Payment in Japan
 Cash, Bank transfer,
 PayPal (5% handling fee will be added)
*Payment in Overseas
 Bank transfer (4,000 JPY handling charge will be added)
 PayPal (5% handling fee will be added)

>Online Survival Japanese Course For Complete Begineers
  (10 hours)  

50,000 JPY for 10 lessons

* The fee does not include consumption tax.
* Each lesson is 60-minute long.
* This course is only for complete beginners. 
*Payment in Japan
 Cash, Bank transfer,
 PayPal (5% handling fee will be added)
*Payment in Overseas
 Bank transfer (4,000 JPY handling charge will be added)
 PayPal (5% handling fee will be added)

* Please have a look at this brochure. こちらのパンフレットもご参照ください。
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