Guide Japanese Course in Tokyo & Kyoto

Guide Japanese Course

Have you ever had any problems communicating with Japanese, while showing your overseas visitors around? Overcome these problems, by taking our course called "Guide Japanese." This enables you to communicate in Japanese when guiding your boss, family, or other guests visiting from overseas.

The "Guide Japanese" curriculum focuses on learning essential Japanese communication skills, augmented with a firm background on the famous sightseeing spots, Japanese culture, Japanese culture, washoku (Japanese food), festivals, and other topics of interest for offering "omotenashi" (hospitality) to your guests. In addition to the more well-known tours, we can also provide recommendations on specialized sightseeing tours, restaurants, cafés, shops, and other places where the local Japanese would visit.

<1-day tour in Tokyo>
Route 1
Stroll in a traditional Japanese garden and experiencing Japanese tea ceremony
Route 2
A precinct dedicated to sumo wrestling, surrounded by the atmosphere of Edo(Ancient Tokyo) 

Route 3
Milestones in Japanese architecture and a tour of the National Diet building

Route 4
Walking through Harajuku
s fashion district and visit nearby Shinto shrines

Route 5
Walking though Nihombashi (old downtown area within Tokyo), and visiting craftsmen shops and the food department within one of the oldest department stores in Japan

<1-day tour in Kyoto>

Arashiyama , Bamboo forest , 'Shojin ryori' at temple, 

Phylosophy road, Ginkaku-ji , 

Kifune shrine, Kawadoko, 

Asakusa (Tokyo)
  • Asakusa (Tokyo)
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • The Great Buddha(Kamakura)


private 35,000 JPY /3 hours
group of (2 people~) 15,000 JPY /3 hours

* Minimum 3 hours
* Longer tours are available by arrangement.
* The above fees do not include consumption tax and transportation expense.

Kinkakuji Temple (Kyoto)
  • Heian-jingu Shrine (Kyoto)
  • Arashiyama Bamboo forest(Kyoto)
  • Japanese cuisine
* Please have a look at this brochure. こちらのパンフレットもご参照ください。
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