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Learning online has become more prevalent in the midst of the pandemic. Many foreigners have experienced the misunderstandings which may arise from the way of thinking and understanding of things peculiar to Japan. The culture has unique ways that may not be familiar to those new to Japan. We support you through education, examples and real-life scenarios so that these misunderstandings can be reduced as much as possible. Our hope is to connect Japan and foreign countries through online learning, introducing the culture and country. 

Lesson Contents

Beginner Japanese

・Conversational Japanese 
(Greetings, Numbers, Restaurant and Dining , Shopping, Basic verb, Basic adjective)

・Letters(Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji)

・Listening comprehension

・Reading comprehension

The lesson content is not just limited to Japanese language. It also introduces Japanese culture, customs and traditions, with behavior peculiar to Japan.

We also actively support daily life activities. For example:

・How to use electrical appliances that only display in Japanese.

・How to respond to absentee notifications for home delivery service.

・How to properly respond to documents and letters from government offices, etc.

Lesson Fee

2,000 yen/60 minutes *Up to 4 students in the class

Extra Support for Lessons

・We provide a vocabulary list for each level.
Each person learns using an app with a flash card function.

・You can record an online lesson and share the video with participants after the lesson.
Review and learn the parts that you did not understand during the lesson time.

* Please have a look at this brochure. こちらのパンフレットもご参照ください。
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